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Sketchnotes for genealogy: Examples from NERGC 2021 and a research summary

I've been learning to sketchnote , and using more visual note-taking methods with my students and for myself. These are some of my sketchnotes for a few of the virtual talks that I watched during the NERGC genealogy conference that ran this spring. I gave a talk this year, "Ethnicity Estimates- Fact or Fiction" and viewed some RI and DNA talks.

These are the notes that I took for Angie Bush's "Applying DNA to your Genealogical Brick Wall": (sorry about the drawings, but remember it's about ideas, not art!!)

Here are some notes I took from her talk, "Cracking Open Your DNA Matches"

Here's a sketchnote from a talk given by Cherry Fletcher Bamberg about Rhode Island:

The things that I like about sketchnotes are that they rely heavily on visual symbols and can quickly highlight the key ideas that I want to remember. As a visual learner and a biologist, I find I frequently use diagrams, sketches and images to quickly convey information to my audience, so it makes sense to use them for myself as well.

I've been using them to summarize my research progress for a project I'm working on. I've gathered some reading, planning and ideas into a summary of the work I did in May. I've been using a large drawing tablet to lay out my ideas, make connections and work through problems. They make great visual reminders of what I've accomplished and where I still need to do some work.

It's been a busy spring and summer, but it's all good!

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