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Shellee A. Morehead, PhD, CG, is a Rhode Island-based Certified Genealogist with extensive research, speaking and teaching experience.  

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(extracts from post-presentation surveys)
"Wow! Dr. Morehead is fabulous speaker.  Learned a tremendous amount. She's funny, engaging, clearly knowledgeable and well spoken!"
"She is able to make a rather dry subject entertaining while packing a lot of info into a short time."
"Very good communicator - made a complex topic understandable."
"Enthusiastic speaker - lively session well-paced."

"Clear, organized, interesting, engaging."

Genealogist Shellee Morehead works fast and focused. Digs up a great variety of information, pictures, documents and papers from the most impossible places. And then she presents her research in a short foreseeable way. [She] is very likeable, very lively and has a good memory for telling the right details, that makes the program credible and interesting to the viewers.  I give Shellee Morehead my very best recommendations to others who need genealogical help and need a good person to tell family history on tv.

Kristine Sølling Møller
Journalist, producer "Who Do You Think You Are?"

Can't thank you enough for putting together such a great presentation.  There was something for everyone and you made it interesting and fun.  I only wish I had had the chance to go over to your show and tell table.  I hope others took advantage of the opportunity.  I would love to take you up on a follow up presentation sometime in the future.  I think everyone would love it.

Thanks again for doing such a great job.  I know it took a lot of time and work and I really appreciate it.

Helen Smith
Program Chair for the Rhode Island Genealogical Society

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